That Time Sarah Michelle Gellar Stole My Interview

Because I sometimes write mildly amusing pieces on parenting, I was recently asked by the site Oh Mama to do a short interview for their Mama Crush feature. Naturally, my first response was:

But yeah, apparently it wasn’t some kind of wacky mix-up, and I proceeded to celebrate by eating a cake by candlelight while sitting on top of my table. (Jake Ryan not required.)

They actually wanted to feature me as their weekly Mama Crush! Which led to like 2 weeks straight of this:

With my blog still flapping its little baby bird wings, and with my newborn social media pages still being sent to the hospital nursery each night, I went into overdrive to get everything ready for my big feature!

I completed my interview Qs and took a few photos of me actually looking like I have a clue as to what I’m doing with this whole “mothering” thing. It was ready! Set to go live Thursday! Woo-hoo!

Except on Tuesday, Oh Mama contacted me to say, “So, yeah, we’re gonna need to go ahead and move you to another week, mmmkay. Greeeeeat.”

No biggie, I thought. I can deal with that.

Well, today I figured out why…

Sarah Michelle Gellar stole my spot.

So yeah, I worked so hard to get it all together only to have this woman saunter in and bump me.

I’d love to hate her, but seriously, how could I? Look at this gorgeous woman. She just oozes coolness. I couldn’t hate her if I tried.

I’ll share Her Interview, but only if you promise to come back next week and read my interview too.

I have no hard feelings towards either the fabulous team at Oh Mama or Mrs. Gellar Prinze, but if she decides she’s like to make it up to me, maybe we could bake a cake from her baking kits company Foodstirs. Then we could eat it together by candlelight while sitting on top of a table.

I’d like that very much.

Thanks for Reading!

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