When the Lovey Is Loved Out

What do you do when the lovey is loved out? Do you carefully handwash and soak out the stains and smells as best you can? Do you search for just the right thread color to stitch, mend, and fix the tears? Or do you look for another lovey exactly like the first so you can replace it? Do you quietly throw it away one day when your child isn’t looking and hope he doesn’t notice?

Momo is wearing out, and I don’t know what to do.

His face is stained from weeks of teething pains. His arm is loose from nightly snuggles. The stitching of his eye is coming out from being carried almost everywhere. Momo sometimes smells a little. This is actually Momo v. 4.0. Momo v. 1.0 has been carefully cleaned and quietly put into a drawer as one of the few keepsakes we have stored away. Momo v. 2.0 was exposed to both a nasty flu virus and pink-eye, so he was unceremoniously tossed one afternoon. Momo v. 3.0 was completely destroyed by the very slow and painful eruption of first molars. His ears and mouth became one of the only forms of relief available for my child’s sore and painful gums, and once it was finally over, Momo was beyond repair. Each time, Momo was replaced with a brand new Momo, and if my child took any notice of this change, he didn’t seem to care.

But I have a problem.

I can only find Momo online now, and he has become harder and harder to find with each replacement. What happens when I can’t find a replacement? What do I do when the last lovey is loved out?

Momo is a sock monkey. I don’t know why my son latched onto Momo like he has, or even when it first started. Momo has just always been there. We’ve tried other stuffed toys, but we’ve discovered that he throws them all from his crib in the night, preferring to only have Momo sleep in his bed with him. If Momo is not available, he actually prefers to sleep alone than snuggle with a substitute toy.

Momo was part of a gift set from my mother, bought during my first trimester. He came with an adorable sock monkey layette set and a matching blanket so soft you have to brush it against your face to appreciate it. He’s long since grown out of his layette set, and the blanket remains untouched in a drawer for now. But Momo, with his gentle-sounding rattle sewn into his soft body, was a favorite from nearly the beginning.

Momo has rules though. Momo does not go to daycare and only on some of our outings. On the days Momo stays at home, my son carefully places him on a chair by the door, waves bye-bye, and leaves without a fuss. Upon arriving home though, my son reaches first for Momo, absolutely elated to have him again. He will go to sleep without Momo, but if I bring Momo in after my child has fallen asleep, the gentle rattle will wake him just enough to reach a sleepy arm out to grab him and embrace him in a cuddle, and sometimes just laying on top of him to make sure he doesn’t disappear. In the mornings when I go in to get my son, Momo is always right there, still in a hug (or a headlock). At mealtimes, Momo sits on the table with us. We keep him out of our food, but once the meal is over, my son reaches up and asks for him, “Momo! … Pease?”

For now, all I can do is to continue to look for Momo v. 5.0 and do my best to clean and mend our current Momo. This morning, after making a paste of Oxi-Clean and warm water, I gently scrubbed away the stains around his mouth and ears. I let the paste sit for a few minutes before placing Momo in our washer for a warm gentle bath. Once done, I will place him on the drying rack to help make sure he is dry in time for bedtime.

For now, I think his lovey still has a few more weeks in him.


Did your child have a favorite stuffed toy or blanket? What did you do when it wore out? 

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