Consign Your Kid’s Crap In 32 Easy Steps

I recently realized my basement shelves, filled with huge plastic bins of kids’ clothing, toys, and stuff, was overflowing. My son is not even two years old, and I’m astounded by just how much crap this kid has accumulated. Knowing it needed to go before the shelf collapsed in a dusty pile of pastel blue layette sets, I decided to round it all up and donate it. Then like a sign from the hoarding gods, I got an email for a local consignment event. Before I could think myself out of it, I signed up and got started hauling up clothing bins to start sorting and tagging all his old clothes and toys.

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When the Lovey Is Loved Out

What do you do when the lovey is loved out? Do you carefully handwash and soak out the stains and smells as best you can? Do you search for just the right thread color to stitch, mend, and fix the tears? Or do you look for another lovey exactly like the first so you can replace it? Do you quietly throw it away one day when your child isn’t looking and hope he doesn’t notice?

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